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    We provides always our best services for our clients and always
    try to achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.
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    We provides always our best services for our clients and always
    try to achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.


We know that it can be very difficult to ask for help. Our friendly team is here to walk you through your home care options. We provide nursing assistance, companion care and family doctor support.

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We are available 24/7 for emergency calls. Do not hesitate to call us.


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As a provider of home care service provider, we witness firsthand the challenges so many families face as they find themselves thrown into turmoil when a loved one suffers a decline in health. Families find a long-term care system that is completely fragmented, and many times does not provide a comprehensive solution for care.

Our home care registry is staffed with professionals such as registered nurses and companion care givers who have solid experience and skills in caring for your loved ones who need it most. All home assistances are selected individually considering all the requirements for ensuring proper care for the patient and the course and/or time required. We recommended treatment with the physiological characteristics of each patient.

If you need some extra love in your life, speak to one of our care specialist team members for the right level of support for that special someone. We are always available to answer all your questions and concerns and guide you though this transition.

Health Care

Our family doctor always there for you

Home Care

Companion care givers will take care of your leisure.

Nursing care

Registered nurses with solid experience always will come to help.


Senior's need to go to the doctor, shopping or visit someone, we there for them.

Why Choose Us?

Dental Care for All Ages

Gold Home Health Care is pleased to announce an additional service. We now have teamed up with polo & royal dental to offer the very best in complete dental care. Accepting all insurances including MEDICARE & MEDICAID


As an elderly care giving service we understand that age is just a number and that all people no matter how old or how young require love and care. If your loved one requires around the clock care, our staff can assist with finding the right type of care for your loved one.


Companionship is key to a trusted relationship with our caregivers. We not only strive to help you with everyday tasks but want to develop a caring relationship with you. We provide one-on-one attention and care that cannot compare in other settings. We offer the best in home care

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